Famous Masons

There have been literally thousands of famous masons. When a person becomes a Freemason he becomes a Brother to all those who have went before and all those that are here now throughout the Planet and all those yet to come. I have listed just a few of the Thousands here. Some of these are from Ancient Times and are considered Masons by the Traditions of the Fraternity. (There is a strong oral tradition within Freemasonry where various mysteries, information and, yes – a few secrets, were passed from the “instructive tongue” of one generation to the “receptive ear” of the next to be lodged in the repository of “Faithful Breasts” for the future.) Whether you are a purist who believes nothing is absolutely true unless there is written documentation or whether an oral tradition is sufficient, it’s up to you. Those names listed of our Brothers who lived after 1600 are documented through the written record.

Ancient Masons

Solomon, King of Israel It is said, he was our First Most Excellent Grand Master
Hiram Abiff Hebrew, Master Overseer of the building of the First Temple in Jerusalem – Grand Master
Hiram, King of Tyre Provided Cedar Trees from Lebanon for the building of the First Temple – Grand Master
Euclid Greek Mathematician
St. John the Baptist Patron of Masonry
St. John the Evangelist Patron of Masonry
Edwin Saxon, Grandson of Alfred the Great, First Grand Master at York ca 926 A.D.
Jacques DeMolay Last Grand Master of ancient Knights Templar

Arizona Masons

Morris Goldwater Pioneer – Uncle of Barry
Barry Goldwater US Senator – Presidential Candidate
John Wayne Actor – “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence”
Ben Johnson Actor
Rex R. Hutchins Professor, University of Arizona, Author
John D. Hayworth U.S. Congressman and Radio Personality

Masons Throughout the World

Dr. James Anderson Presbyterian Minister author of “Anderson’s Constitution”
Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart Composer
Benjamin Franklin Printer, Inventor, Patriot
Paul Revere Silversmith, Patriot
Patrick Henry Patriot
John Hancock First Signer – Declaration of Independence
Daniel Boone Pioneer
George Washington First U.S. President
Marquis de Lafayette French Nobleman – Friend of the Revolution
Andrew Jackson U.S. President
Meriwether Lewis Explorer of the American West
James Bowie Inventor of Bowie Knife – died at The Alamo
David Crockett U.S. Congressman – died at The Alamo
Simon Bolivar South American Patriot – Bolivia is named after him
Joseph Smith Founder of The Church of Latter Day Saints
Dr. Joseph I. Guillotin French – Inventor of the Guillotine
Robert Burns National Poet of Scotland
Father Francisco Calvo Catholic Priest – Founder of Freemasonry in Costa Rica
Carlton Chase Episcopal Bishop
Frederick II King of Prussia – styled “The Great”
Samuel Colt Inventor – Firearms manufacturer
Brigham Young Mormon Pioneer
John Wesley Lord Methodist Bishop
Robert Anderson U.S. General ( Major at the Battle of Fort Sumter – U.S. War Between the States )
George E. Pickett Confederate General – famed for Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg
Joshua L. Chamberlain U.S. General – held Little Round Top at Gettysburg
Samuel Clemens “Mark Twain” noted American Author
Sir Author Conan Doyle British Author – wrote the Sherlock Homes series
Frederick Hamilton Unitarian Minister
Rudyard Kipling Poet, Author
Edward VII King of England
Theodore Roosevelt U.S. President
James Naismith Inventor of Basketball
Hiram Abiff Boaz Methodist Bishop, President of Texas Wesleyan
Thomas Hart Benton U.S. Senator – Missouri
Edward VIII King of England (abdicated)
Duke Ellington Composer
Ty Cobb Baseball Player
Irving Berlin Composer
B.H. Carroll President Southwestern Seminary – Southern Baptist Convention
Jack Dempsey Boxer
Franklin Delano Roosevelt U.S. President
William “Count” Basie Orchestra Leader
George VI King of England
“Hap” Arnold General – U.S. Army Air Force – Medal of Honor Winner
Douglas MacArthur U.S. General – Medal of Honor Winner who just faded away
Harry S. Truman U.S. President
Nat “King” Cole Singer
“Pop” Warner U.S. Football Coach
Gene Autry Actor – owner of Baseball Team
Mel Blanc The voice of Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd and Barney Rubble cartoons
John H. Glenn Sr. Astronaut, U.S. Senator
Bob Evans Founder of restaurants by same name
Gerald R. Ford 38th President of the United States
“Buzz” Aldrin Astronaut – 2nd Man on the Moon
Trent Lott U.S. Senator – Mississippi

Throughout the years there have been very few “Infamous” freemasons. In accordance with our traditions – let their names be forgotten from the records of our Fraternity and of mankind.