Brother's Full Name
Annual dues are $134 + a $4 PayPal fee.


Who Can Join

  • Men who come to us of their own free will and,
  • Who are of lawful age (18 or older in Arizona) and,
  • Who have a good reputation and,
  • Who are properly sponsored and,
  • Who believe in a Supreme Being and,
  • Who have hope of immortality.
Note: Race, Religion, Country of Origin are not requisites for membership. There are affiliated organizations for men and women under the age of 21. No member of Apache Lodge should ask you to join. You must ask us.

Who Cannot Join

  • Atheists.
  • Women. (there are separate affiliated organizations for women)
  • Young Men who are not yet 18.
  • Men who are not of sound mind.
  • Men who are foolish in their conduct.
  • Men who are motivated by idle curiosity or for material gain.